Saint Louis School



Welcome to all of our readers!


It is my pleasure to tell you about Saint Louis School and what we can offer students who choose to attend our school.  Saint Louis School is a faith-filled environment with a challenging curriculum beginning with our 3 year old and 4 year old programs, and continuing through grade 8.  French and sign language are taught in our preschool, as well as assessments in motor skills and language to help us plan for an early intervention that is necessary for our core academic subjects that are a strong instructional focus throughout grades K-8.  French and Spanish are offered in a leveled junior high school program.

It is important to us that all students have a unique association with all cultures, and our international students help all students to appreciate the diversity of the world’s youngsters. 

Saint Louis School encourages all students to work to their highest capacities and are rewarded with membership in the Elementary and Junior High School Honor Societies.  These memberships offer leadership skills and the ability of students to share their quality characters.

Saint Louis School maintains a huge sports program in which our students have earned many championships and trophies through their skills and healthy competition.

Our daily religious program provides students with the presence and discussion of Jesus, and the expectations for students to become respectful, kind, and compassionate individuals who accept differentiation and the ability to bring all students into our family.  Daily prayer, holy day Masses, respect for the earth, and service to others are continually fostered in our environment.  Also, the Blessed Mother is a focus of prayer, and we honor Her as the Mother of our Lord. 

Having been established in 1907 and founded by the Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Louis School has offered students of every faith and culture 108 years of solid, faith-filled education.  So we invite you to come and visit our historic school, tour the buildings with us, talk to the principal, and give serious thought to sending your children to our school.  We are very proud of our school and would love to have you join our family that extends for 4 generations.  We expect excellence and know we can offer you the same.


Dr. Linda Trouville, Principal


Learning Today to be Leaders Tomorrow!!!